MLA 2020 schedule

Using my Sched account, I have assembled my schedule for MOUG and MLA 2020 in Norfolk and am sharing it in the interest of promoting sessions relevant to cataloging and metadata. I have included all CMC business meetings and all sessions sponsored or co-sponsored by CMC, as well as MOUG sessions, MLA plenary sessions, and a few other relevant sessions and events. Please note that there are a number of program sessions of broad appeal (such as sessions addressing topics of mental health, equitable library services, and more) that I did not include in my schedule because they are not specific to cataloging and metadata or because I would not be able to attend due to a conflict with a CMC event. While I encourage you to attend CMC events, especially sponsored program sessions, please do explore the many non-CMC offerings as you decide what to attend.

My schedule:

Full schedule:

Tracey Snyder

Chair, Cataloging and Metadata Committee, Music Library Association