BCC and Related Meetings at MLA Denver 2015

BCC and Related Meetings at MLA Denver 2015 in Confluence Ballroom unless otherwise indicated TUESDAY 8:45a-1p Genre/Medium Workshop with MOUG THURSDAY 11-12:30 BCC Business Meeting 1 (Lawrence A/B) 1:30-3 Authorities/Descriptive Subcommittees Joint Business Meeting 3:30-4:30 RDA Music Implementation Task Force (Lawrence A/B) 4:30-6 JSC Music Working Group (Lawrence A/B) FRIDAY 11-12:30 MARC/Metadata Subcommittees Joint Business Meeting (Lawrence A/B) 1:30-3 Subject Access Subcommittee/Genre Form Task Force Joint Business Meeting (Lawrence A/B) 4:30-5:30 MARC to BIBFRAME: An Exploration of the Future of Cataloging 5:30-6:30 BCC Town Hall SATURDAY 11-12:30 Exploring a Faceted World: Discovering Music Resources Using Medium of Performance and Genre Terms 1:30-3:30 BCC Business Meeting 2 (Lawrence A/B) Beth Iseminger

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