Encoding Standards Subcommittee


The Encoding Standards Subcommittee participates in the development and revision of metadata encoding standards and data models used to describe music resources. The Subcommittee reviews and evaluates changes and enhancements to encoding standards, giving particular attention to their impact on the music library community. Working through the appropriate channels and groups, the Subcommittee proposes changes to encoding standards and data models as deemed necessary for access to music resources. The Subcommittee recommends MLA practice for the application of metadata standards to music materials. The Subcommittee works on other matters deemed pertinent by the Cataloging and Metadata Committee and works with other CMC subcommittees or task groups as appropriate. The Subcommittee maintains documentation and MLA best practices related to topics specific to the subcommittee’s work.


  • Ethan D'Ver, Chair

  • Janice Bunker
  • Andrea Cawelti
  • Emma Clarkson
  • David Floyd
  • Jessica Grimmer
  • Jeremiah Kamtman
  • Kevin Kishimoto
  • Anna Alfeld LoPrete
  • Jennifer Olson
  • Tracey Snyder
  • Laura Thompson
  • Hermine Vermeij
  • Damian Iseminger (LC)
  • Morris Levy (OCLC)

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