Vocabularies Subcommittee


The Vocabularies Subcommittee participates in the development and revision of controlled vocabularies applicable to music resources. Such vocabularies include subject, genre, form, medium of performance, types of composition, and other controlled lists of terms. The Subcommittee recommends MLA practice for the assignment of controlled vocabulary terms and recommends changes and additions to vocabularies as deemed necessary. The Subcommittee also represents music librarians’ interests in the development of music-related portions of classification schemes. The Subcommittee works on other matters deemed pertinent by the Cataloging and Metadata Committee and works with other CMC subcommittees or task groups as appropriate. The Subcommittee maintains documentation and MLA best practices related to topics specific to the subcommittee’s work.


  • Janelle West, Chair

  • James Alberts
  • Joshua Aldorisio
  • Kristi Bergland
  • Blaine Brubaker
  • Ann Churukian
  • Laikin Dantchenko
  • Patricia Falk
  • Mary Huismann
  • Ivan Kaproth-Joslin
  • Rick McRae
  • Tomoko Shibuya
  • Tracey Snyder
  • Clare Spitzer
  • Alice Sujana
  • Leonard Martin (SACO Music Funnel Coordinator)
  • Maarja Vigorito (LC)
  • Morris Levy (OCLC)

Latest News

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