Call for applications – NACO-Music Project Coordinator

The Music Library Association’s Cataloging and Metadata Committee (CMC) is seeking a Coordinator for the NACO-Music Project (NMP), the music funnel of the Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO) of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). This is a five-year term, 2025-2030.  The NACO-Music Project Coordinator plans training and assigns reviewers for new funnel members, serves on the NMP Advisory Committee (NMPAC), is a nonvoting, ex officio member of CMC, and is an ex officio member of the CMC Content Standards Subcommittee and the CMC Vocabularies Subcommittee. The Coordinator represents the Funnel’s interests to PCC and CMC and vice versa, prepares NMP responses to proposed new or revised PCC policies relating to name and name-title authority control, and works with the CSS Chair on drafting LC-PCC PSs affecting name authority work. The Coordinator also holds voting rights in the annual PCC election for electing the governing body and committees of the PCC on behalf of the Funnel.

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