MLA-CMC at Winter 2024 ALA and MAC Meetings

CMC will be representing MLA’s interests at three upcoming Winter 2024 meetings in the next month: the MARC Advisory Committee (MAC), ALA Core’s Core Subject Analysis Committee (SAC), and ALA Core’s Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA). MAC will be meeting virtually Wednesday-Thursday, January 24-25, 10:30 am-1:30 pm EST each day. Meetings are free and open to observers. Access links are posted to the MARC listserv shortly before each meeting. The MAC agenda is available now. MLA is the author of Proposal No. 2024-01, Recording Numeric Designation of Musical Expressions in the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Formats. If you have specific concerns or interests for this meeting, or questions about MAC in general, please contact Ethan D’Ver, chair of the CMC Encoding Standards Subcommittee and MLA’s liaison to MAC. If you have specific comments on any of the other proposals or discussion papers that you would like to have

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