Joint MLA/OLAC 33X/34X Final Recommendations Redux

The final report summarizing the work of a joint MLA/OLAC task group which worked to address issues connected to 23 additions to the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes list (, which are utilized in the 33X and 34X fields, was issued in late 2017. The group was charged with examining three issues: inconsistent treatment of RDA and non-RDA terms in MARC 344 and 347, consideration of consistent treatment of MARC 344 and 347 across formats, and implementation of the new $2 source codes. A question regarding the use of the new $2 source codes was recently raised. Just to be clear, the intent of the recommendation for issue 3 was that whenever separate MARC 34X fields would be required due to multiple applicable $2 source codes, to use separate MARC 34X fields – with the implication that the new source code would also be applied. The latter should have

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