RDA Best Practices Training and Updates

Presentation slides for the ALA eLearning webinar Using the New RDA Toolkit to Catalog Music, presented August 9-11, 2022, have been deposited in the Humanities Commons here: Full presenter notes are included. Some of the pending issues mentioned in the slides have been addressed in the most recent Best Practices update in September. A summary of changes is below. Changes to the MLA Best Practices in the September Toolkit update are minimal, but highlights include the following: The MLA RDA Metadata Guidance document has been updated to version 0.92, with the following additions: Note: Although the electronic resource guidelines were written with reference to Official RDA, there should not be anything in them—other than directions to refer to the LC-PCC MGD—that conflicts with Original RDA. Error reports, comments, or feedback on the Best Practices in the new Toolkit may be submitted here: Error reports, comments, or feedback on

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