Looking for Some Authority? Try the NACO Music Project

Hi. This is Mark Scharff, Coordinator for the NACO-Music Project (NMP), the funnel project that creates and updates authority records in the LC/NACO Authority File (LCNAF), particularly those for musical works and expressions. Perhaps some readers of this blog have thought about joining NMP, but have asked internally, “Is this for me?” Let me offer some thoughts that might push that answer toward “Yes!”  If any one of these points has piqued your curiosity, I invite you to visit the NMP page on the CMC website. There is now a link to a document, the NMP Application Form Guide, that walks you through the NMP application form. I also invite you to ask me questions about the application process and what membership entails. The NACO-Music Project, thanks to the efforts of Ralph Papakhian and others, pioneered the funnel concept for cooperative authority work. NMP continues to lead the way in

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