IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM) final version (August 2017)

The following announcement about the IFLA Library Reference Model was posted today on the RSC website: IFLA Library Reference Model The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) welcomes the publication of the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM) as an IFLA standard. The LRM was endorsed by the IFLA Professional Committee in August 2017; the final version is available at: There are no significant changes to the LRM from the draft version used for the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R) Project by the RSC and its working groups. The project includes development of RDA as an implementation of the new model, which consolidates the separate IFLA Functional Requirements models on which RDA is based. The RSC recommends RDA Toolkit users to familiarize themselves with the LRM in preparation for the release of the new Toolkit in 2018. Posted 19 September 2017

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ALCTS White Paper on Faceted Vocabularies

Colleagues, Please excuse duplication. This announcement is being distributed to several lists. Please share with your colleagues. ====== The ALCTS CaMMS Subject Analysis Committee announces the approval and release of a white paper, “A Brave New (Faceted) World: Towards Full Implementation of Library of Congress Faceted Vocabularies.” The full text of the white paper can be downloaded from the ALA Institutional Repository (ALAIR). Prepared by the Working Group on Full Implementation of Library of Congress Faceted Vocabularies, ALCTS/CaMMS Subject Analysis Committee, Subcommittee on Genre/Form Implementation, this document summarizes the development of faceted vocabularies by the Library of Congress in collaboration with the ALCTS CaMMS Subject Analysis Committee and several specialized cataloging communities. It contains suggestions and recommendations for next steps aimed at full-scale current and retrospective implementation of faceted vocabulary terms in bibliographic and authority metadata. The vocabularies described in this document are the Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT), the Library of Congress Medium

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