3R Project/RDA Toolkit Update

The initial release of the redesigned RDA Toolkit is slated for June 13, 2018. However, due to the complex nature of the changes required for the 3R Project, the June 13th release will be a beta version of the site. The site will include an initial implementation of LRM and subsequent reorganized RDA instructions, new profile, search and navigation capabilities, and greater accessibility. Please note that this initial beta version of the Toolkit will not yet contain any policy statements, including the MLA RDA best practices. Further improvements and policy statements will be rolled out in periodic updates following the initial June release. The text of the full announcement may be read here. Addendum (reprinted with permission from James Hennelly): “The April 2017 release of RDA will remain the official version of RDA until the RDA Steering Committee declares the revised standard on the redesigned site “ready”. The June rollout

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