New LCGFT and LCMPT terms in 2017

2017 was another banner year for faceted vocabularies for music! The following LCGFT music terms have been established or revised in 2017 (in order of approval): Cowboy songs                                        gf2015026744 Freak folk (Music)                                  gf2016026016 Ghazals (Music)                                      gf2015026106 Jukebox musicals                                   gf2017026030 Konkoma                                                gf2017026029 Kwaya                                                     gf2015026100 Lo-fi (Rock music)                                   gf2016026013 Palos (Music)                                          gf2015026102 Post-rock music                                     gf2017026021 Shavuot music                                        gf2014027193 Skate punk music                                   gf2016026015 Sukkot music                                          gf2014027192 Twist songs                                            gf2017026023 Musical texts                                            gf2017026002 Hymns                                                    gf2014026872 (revision) Hymns texts                                           gf2017026006 Music                                                      gf2014026952 (revision) Popular music                                        gf2014027009 (revision) Popular music lyrics                               gf2017026003 Rap lyrics                                                gf2017026007 Rock lyrics                                              gf2017026008 Sacred music texts                                 gf2017026004 Song texts                                              gf2017026005 Songs                                                      gf2014027103 (revision) Opera

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MLA 2018 Cataloging and Metadata meetings and relevant sessions

I have compiled a list of MLA 2018 meetings and sessions that may be of interest to those who work in cataloging and/or metadata. I included all CMC business meetings and all sessions sponsored or co-sponsored by CMC, as well as a few other relevant meetings and sessions. See the MLA 2018 schedule online for full listings, locations, etc. (but please note that this is a draft schedule and subject to change):   THURSDAY 9 AM-10:25 AM    Cataloging and Metadata Town Hall (sponsored by CMC) 11 AM-12:25 PM    Cataloging and Metadata Committee #1 1:30 PM-2:25 PM    Encoding Standards Subcommittee 3:30 PM-4:25 PM    What to Expect When You’re Analyzing, Transforming, and Inputting: A Linked Data Guide (sponsored by CMC) 4:30 PM-5:25 PM    Content Standards Subcommittee 6-6:55 PM        system-specific interest groups   FRIDAY 9 AM-9:55 AM        Vocabularies Subcommittee 9:30 AM-10:25 AM    Technical Services Interest Group 11 AM-11:55 PM    NACO/SACO/BIBCO

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