New LCGFT and LCMPT terms in 2017

2017 was another banner year for faceted vocabularies for music!

The following LCGFT music terms have been established or revised in 2017 (in order of approval):

Cowboy songs                                        gf2015026744

Freak folk (Music)                                  gf2016026016

Ghazals (Music)                                      gf2015026106

Jukebox musicals                                   gf2017026030

Konkoma                                                gf2017026029

Kwaya                                                     gf2015026100

Lo-fi (Rock music)                                   gf2016026013

Palos (Music)                                          gf2015026102

Post-rock music                                     gf2017026021

Shavuot music                                        gf2014027193

Skate punk music                                   gf2016026015

Sukkot music                                          gf2014027192

Twist songs                                            gf2017026023

Musical texts                                            gf2017026002

Hymns                                                    gf2014026872 (revision)

Hymns texts                                           gf2017026006

Music                                                      gf2014026952 (revision)

Popular music                                        gf2014027009 (revision)

Popular music lyrics                               gf2017026003

Rap lyrics                                                gf2017026007

Rock lyrics                                              gf2017026008

Sacred music texts                                 gf2017026004

Song texts                                              gf2017026005

Songs                                                      gf2014027103 (revision)

Opera adaptations                                 gf2017026043

Hanukkah music                                   gp2017026057

Industrial dance music                        gp2017026062

Musical settings                                  gp2017026061

Rock operas                                        gp2017026056

Visual albums                                      gp2017026058

Carol texts                                           gp2017026071

Carols                                                  gp201402669 (scope note added)

Concertos                                            gp2014026725 (UF Concerti added)

Filk music                                            gp2017026050

Hymn concertatos                               gp2017026077

Songsters                                             gp2017026087

Ice show music                                    gp2017026100

Memorial music                                  gp2017026101

National anthems                                gp2017026028

Notated music                                     gp2014027184 (UF Sheet music added)

One-act operas                                    gp2017026090

Sampler albums (Sound recordings)   gp2015026104

Schrammelmusik                                 gp2015026105

Sound art                                             gp2017026022

Soundscapes (Music)                          gp2014027107 (BT Sound art added)

Villancicos (Music)                              gp2017026025

Alma mater songs                               gp2014026629 (BT changed to School songs)

Chamber operas                                  gp2017026104

Event music                                        gp2014026795 (UFs Holiday music and Occasional music added)

Impromptus (Music)                           gp2017026103

Purim music                                        gp2017026115

Sacred music                                       gp2014027062 (UF Liturgical music added)

School songs                                        gp2017026105

Synagogue music                                gp2017026116


The following LCMPT terms have been established or revised in 2017 Midwinter (in order of approval):

contrabass trombone                           pp2015015011

talempong                                            pp2015015010

tenoroon                                              pp2015015001 (UF fagottino added)

wood block                                          pp2016015009

da kuan hsien                                      pp2016015012

dan pi ku                                              pp2016015010

gyil                                                       pp2017015005

hsiao luo                                              pp2016015011

jao pa                                                   pp2016015008

musical saw                                         pp2017015015

nose flute                                            pp2017015011

Wagner tuba                                       pp2017015023

We hope you’ll find these newly-available terms useful in your day-to-day cataloging.

In other news, SACO proposals for LCMPT terms and music LCGFT are now being accepted. SACO catalogers may submit proposals their existing mechanism, but are encouraged to submit proposals through the SACO Music Funnel (coordinated by Nancy Lorimer, for expert guidance. Catalogers at institutions that are not established SACO contributors may also submit proposals through the SACO Music Funnel.

Wishing you a musical 2018!

Casey Mullin, chair, Vocabularies Subcommittee