RDA Best Practices Updates

Updates to two MLA RDA Best Practice supplement documents are now available via the CMC Best Practices page.

Supplement 1: Guidelines for Describing and Encoding Attributes of Audio Recording Carriers has been updated to version 1.82, which corrects an issue with the mapping for encoding format (347 $b) for electronic audio resources and updates examples for provider-neutral cataloging of electronic audio resources.

MLA RDA Metadata Guidance, a document for use with Official RDA, has been updated to version 0.93, which corrects some MARC examples and makes some improvements to example labeling. A more significant update is the addition of format-specific guidance covering certain aspects of sound recording cataloging. At the moment, topics addressed include choices for recording publication, distribution, and manufacture statements for audio recordings and recording contributor agent information. Although written for Official RDA, information in this section is also compliant with Original RDA.

Beginning with version 0.93, the MLA guidance document is also available in a searchable, web-native format here:

Feedback and feature requests may be submitted via the feedback form, also available on the CMC Best Practices page.