OCLC Music Toolkit installer updates, January 2019

Current and future users of the OCLC Music Toolkit are encouraged to download the updated installer from Changes include:

  • Accompanying document by Gary Strawn, “Deriving bibliographic fields for music.docx” updated (January 5, 2019) (in “Docs” folder)
  • 650/655 mapping changes/additions:
    • 650 Pastoral music (Secular) –> Pastoral music
    • 650 Villancicos (Music) –> Villancicos (Music)
    • 650 $v Fake books –> 655 Fakebooks (Music)
  • 655 Chamber music not generated for solo music with medium in parenthesis
  • 650 Concertos (instrumental ensemble) generates medium of “instrumental ensemble” only
  • 650 Songs without words (Instrumental music) generates “instrument” (fix from “singer”)
  • 650 $v “Parts (solo)” does not generate medium from terms in $a after “with”
  • 650 [Instrument] $v Methods; [Instrument] $v Studies and exercises; 650 [Instrument] $v Orchestral excerpts generate medium for instrument, including in cases where stylistic qualifiers or subsequent subdivisions are present. Cross references added for forms where the term in instrument SH and medium SH differ (e.g. Choral singing vs. choruses)
  • Codes in MARC 008/22 (target audience) generate corresponding 385; 650 $v Juvenile generates 385 Children. Note: The scope notes for age range for LCDGT Children and LCSH Juvenile differ slightly. As with all Toolkit results, catalogers are responsible for checking resulting terms for accuracy and the correct application of faceted terms.
  • Topical subdivisions $x History and criticism or $x Analysis, appreciation subdivisions halt processing on that field

We use Music Toolkit user feedback received through the form monitored by the CMC Vocabularies Subcommittee to identify specific features to add or correct in each update; programmer Gary Strawn then incorporates these into the programming and OCLC macro. Music Toolkit users are encouraged to report questions, suggestions, or unexpected Toolkit behavior using the form at

About the Music Toolkit: The Music Toolkit, developed by Gary Strawn based on specifications provided by the CMC Vocabularies Subcommittee, analyzes bibliographic data and generates corresponding faceted terms from the Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus (LCMPT), Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT), and Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms (LCDGT), as well as other faceted metadata such as dates and geographic place names. The Toolkit output is then evaluated and adjusted as necessary by the cataloger, who is responsible for correct application of LC faceted terms and their corresponding MARC fields and, if desired, OCLC WorldCat master record replacement. For more information on the Music Toolkit, please see our April 18, 2018 blog post, “New OCLC Music Toolkit for generating faceted music data.”