OCLC Music Toolkit installer updates, October 2018

Current and future users of the OCLC Music Toolkit are encouraged to download the updated installer from Updates in the October 24, 2018 version include:

  • 382/LCMPT
    • LCSH “harp” mapping changed, to LCMPT “pedal harp”
    • LCSH “[Instrument] $v Studies and exercises” and “[Instrument] $v Studies and exercises, Juvenile” generate LCMPT for solo instrument
    • LCSH subdivisions “Excerpts” and “Excerpts, Arranged” do not prevent generation of field 382 for medium in $a
    • Calculation of number subfields: added terms ending in “orchestra” or “choir” to terms considered an ensemble
    • Calculation of number subfields: confirmed that $r adds number from $b and $a (soloists and non-soloist individual performers, when ensemble involved) [no change]
  • 655/LCGFT
    • LCSH “Memorial music” mapping changed, from “Functional music” to “Memorial music”
    • LCSH “Romances (Music)” mapping added, to “Romances (Music)”
    • Comp (008/18-19; 006/01-02) mappings:
      • cn mapping added, to “Canons (Music)”
      • nc mapping changed, from “Art music” to “Nocturnes (Music)”
      • ft mapping changed, from “Art music” to “Fantasias (Music”)
      • cz mapping changed, from “Art music” to “Canzonas (Instrumental music)”
      • ri mapping changed, from “Art music” to “Ricercars”
  • Prevent Toolkit from overwriting fields 600-651 (fix: corrupted subject headings)
  • Replace MARC-8 in returned text with Unicode
  • “Notated music” bug fix
  • Known issues:
    • Incorrect rendering of special characters in 370 derived from 65x; catalogers are urged to check and correct fields when special characters/diacritics other than acute, umlaut, or cedilla are present. (Catalogers are urged to routinely check all generated data, but these are particularly critical.)

Feedback received through the form monitored by the CMC Vocabularies Subcommittee is used to identify specific features added or corrected in each update; programmer Gary Strawn then incorporates these into the programming and OCLC macro. Music Toolkit users are encouraged to continue to submit suggestions as they arise.

About the Music Toolkit: The Music Toolkit, developed by Gary Strawn (of Authority Toolkit fame), is an OCLC macro that incorporates a program written by Strawn which analyzes existing bibliographic data and generates corresponding faceted terms from the Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus (LCMPT), Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT), and Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms (LCDGT), as well as other faceted metadata such as dates and geographic place names. The Toolkit output is then evaluated and adjusted as necessary by the cataloger, who is responsible for correct application of LC faceted terms and their corresponding MARC fields and, if desired, OCLC WorldCat master record replacement. For more information on the Music Toolkit, please see our April 18, 2018 blog post, “New OCLC Music Toolkit for generating faceted music data.”