Joint MLA/OLAC 33X/34X Task Group Recommendations Issued

The final report summarizing the work of a joint MLA/OLAC task group which worked to address issues connected to 23 additions to the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes list (, which are utilized in the 33X and 34X fields has been issued. The Joint MLA/OLAC 33X/34X Task Group, as it came to be known, conducted their work over the summer, with some revisions to that work completed later in the fall.

The group’s full recommendations can be accessed here:

The group was assembled by OLAC Cataloging Policy Committee Chair Bruce Evans and MLA CMC Content Standards Subcommittee Chair Mary Huismann, who also served as chair of the task group.

Membership of the task group included:

From MLA: Kristi Bergland, Patty Falk, Monica Figueroa, Karen Peters, Jim Soe Nyun, Michelle Urberg

From OLAC: Melissa Burel, Scott Dutkiewicz, Bruce J. Evans, Greta de Groat, Rosemary Groenwald, Teressa Keenan, Yoko Kudo, Kelley McGrath, Julie Moore, Jessica Schomberg, Amanda Scott