Encoding Standards: ALA Annual Report 2016

Notes on meetings at ALA Annual, 2016 in Orlando related to MARC and encoding standards Prepared by Jim Soe Nyun, Chair, Encoding Standards Subcommittee of the Music Library Association’s Metadata and Cataloging Committee Submitted July 31, 2016 Below are notes for the LC BIBFRAME Update Forum and the sessions of the MARC Advisory Committee, as well as several meetings of more general interest to those interested in metadata encoding issues. LC BIBFRAME Update Forum Sunday, June 26, 10:30 a.m.-noon BIBFRAME Pilot / Beacher Wiggins Report on BF 1.0 pilot Not tested: end user impact, holdings, acquisitions, description distribution Did not address the impact of BF on production Converted 13.8 million records from MARC to BF 1.0, goal of 18 M Now have over 2K examples in sandbox of records created No workflow assessments made, maybe in the next phase Will discard sandbox data with 1.0 vocab once the 2.0 pilot

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Encoding Standards Subcommittee: MLA Report 2016

Encoding Standards Subcommittee Business Meeting Friday, March 4, 2016 4:00-5:30 PM Members present: Anne Adams, Catherine Busselen, Ralph Hartsock, Chris Holden, Karla Jurgemeyer, Keith Knop, Lisa McFall, Karen Peters, Jim Soe Nyun, Hermine Vermeij, Jay Weitz, Steve Yusko Members absent (excused): Thom Pease, Matthew Wise Non-members present: Margaret Corby, Kathy Glennan, Jean Harden, Chris Hertzog, Kevin Kishimoto, Nancy Lorimer, Deb Morris, Tomoko Shibuya, Tracey Snyder 1. Minutes of the 2015 joint Metadata and MARC Formats Subcommittees were approved without change. 2. Outgoing members Lisa McFall and Ralph Hartsock, who are rotating off the Subcommittee at the end of this meeting, were thanked for their service. This was followed by a call for new members, with applications due by 11:00AM Saturday, March 5, 2016. 3. Report on previous year’s MARC activity: work was done on one Proposal and three Discussion Papers, which were presented at MARC Advisory Committee (MAC) meetings at

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MAC: ALA Midwinter Report 2016

Some Meetings of Interest on MARC and Other Encoding Standards Notes from ALA Midwinter 2016 Submitted by Jim Soe Nyun, Chair, Encoding Standards Subcommittee, February 1, 2016 Most if not all of these sessions will issue formal notes. Below are notes from me as a participant or observer, jotting down many of the highlights. MARC Advisory Committee (MAC) These sessions are advisory to the MARC Steering Group. If MAC’s recommendations are approved by the Steering Group they may take slightly different forms from what was discussed at MAC. The two sessions of the committee meeting examined two formal MARC proposals and sixteen discussion papers. MLA had one of the papers and three of the discussion papers: Proposal No. 2016-02: Defining Subfield $r and Subfield $t, and Redefining Subfield $e in Field 382 of the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Formats ( Approved Discussion Paper No. 2016-DP01: Defining Subfields $3 and

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