Encoding Standards Annual Report: 2016

Annual Report, July 2015-June 2016
Submitted by James L. Soe Nyun

Members (as of March 2016):

James L. Soe Nyun (Chair, appointed 2015), Anne Adams (2015), Catherine Busselen (2014), Margaret Corby (2016), Chris Holden (2015), Karla Jurgemeyer (2013), Keith Knop (2014), Nancy Lorimer (2016), Deb Morris (2013), Thom Pease (2015), Karen Peters (2015), Mark Scharff (2014), Kimmy Szeto (2016), Hermine Vermeij (2015), Matthew Wise (2013), Morgan Cundiff (LC Representative), Stephen Yusko (LC Representative), Jay Weitz (OCLC Representative)

We thank Ralph Hartsock and Lisa McFall, who rotated off of Encoding Standards Subcommittee in March 2016. We welcome Margaret Corby, Nancy Lorimer, and Kimmy Szeto, who joined the Encoding Standards Subcommittee in March 2016.

Brief summary of activities:

All tasks described below support the MLA Strategic Plan goal area, Technology.
(“Goal statement: MLA makes effective use of technology to achieve its mission.”)

MARC development: The committee developed four MARC proposals and three MARC discussion papers this fiscal year. All were successfully argued before the MARC Advisory Committee.

  • Defining Subfield $r and Subfield $t, and Redefining Subfield $e in Field 382 of the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Formats: developed as Proposal 2016-02, passed at Midwinter
  • Defining Subfields $3 and $5 in Field 382 of the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format: passed as Discussion Paper 2016-DP01at Midwinter, reworked to argue only for $3 and passed at ALA Annual as Proposal 2016-07
  • Clarifying Code Values in Field 008/20 (Format of Music) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format: presented as Discussion Paper 2016-DP02 and passed at Midwinter, developed into Proposal 2016-08 and passed at ALA Annual
  • Recording Distributor Number for Music and Moving Image Materials in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format: presented as Discussion Paper 2016-DP03 and passed at Midwinter, developed into Proposal 2016-09 and passed at ALA Annual. Both were co-sponsored by OLAC.
  • Responded to LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office (NDMSO) suggestions for rewording to clarify proposals passed at ALA Annual 2015 and Midwinter 2016.
  • Devised way to support coding of the MARC 382 to indicate that the field has been supplied by an algorithm, in preparation for system-creating these fields based on current strings in subject headings.
  • Consulted with NDMSO to confirm that we can update examples in the MARC documentation for the 382 since the field has changed while the examples have not.

Linked Data work

  • Established group to look at developing elements in MADS XML to support RDA data elements that were added to MARC. Work, including consultation with MODS/MADS Advisory Committee, is continuing.
  • Responded to PBCore 2.1 Draft Standard, reviewing the schema and provided specific comments through GitHub and general comments to the PBCore schema team.
  • Several members of ESS began work with the broader MLA Linked Data Working Group, supporting MLA’s contribution to the LD4P component group looking at developing an ontology for performed music. LDWG will be co-chaired by Kirk-Evan Billet and current ESS chair, Jim Soe Nyun.
  • Enriched content on the Metadata for Music Resources (MMR) site.

Immediate tasks at hand for 2016-17

  • Look at the repeatability of MARC Field 384, Key.
  • Examine potential use of $3 in various RDA element fields where it is not currently defined, and possibly develop MARC discussion paper.
  • Complete updating examples for MARC Field 382 and submit to NDMSO for documentation update.
  • Look at continuing to refresh content on the MMR site.
  • Contribute to contribute linked data developments as appropriate, channeled through MLA LDWG for ontology work or through ESS for other aspects.