SAC: Core Midwinter Report 2023

Core Metadata and Collections Section Subject Analysis Committee 2023 Midwinter Meeting January 18-20, 2023 reported by Janelle West, Vocabularies Subcommittee chair and liaison to SAC   The Subject Analysis Committee (SAC) met virtually on January 18-20, 2023. The first two meetings consisted of brief reports by the various liaisons and committee members, with the final day primarily reserved for follow-up on old business as well as the introduction of new business.    A common thread in nearly every liaison report was the ongoing efforts to address racist and otherwise derogatory and offensive classifications and vocabularies relating variously to Indigenous peoples, enslaved people, Islam, and issues of gender and sexuality. Of note is the report from the Homosaurus Editorial Board, which announced an upcoming Homosaurus application profile and a new community Google group for Homosaurus users. Core DEI representative Iman Dagher called attention to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee website as

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MARC Advisory Committee (MAC) Midwinter Meetings, January 31-February 2, 2023 Report by Karen Peters (Library of Congress), Chair, Encoding Standards Subcommittee (Recordings of the meetings are available here; note that timestamps are provided for each paper) Over the course of three days of meetings, four proposals were considered and approved unanimously, and two of the four discussion papers presented were advanced as fast-track proposals for approval by the MARC Steering Committee. At least one of the remaining two discussion papers will return as a proposal for consideration at MAC’s Annual meetings later this year. Of particular interest to the music and audiovisual communities is Proposal No. 2023-02, drafted by the Encoding Standards Subcommittee and co-sponsored by OLAC. The proposal’s approval will add subfield $3 (Materials specified) to field 041 (Language Code) in the Bibliographic format when MARC Update 36 is published later this year; note that subfield $3 is already

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CC:DA ALA Annual Report 2023

Report on CC:DA Meetings, February 2023 Submitted by Keith Knop, MLA Liaison to CC:DA The 2023 midwinter meeting of CC:DA took place over two days, February 6 and 10. As the second meeting coincided with MOUG it was not possible to secure a substitute MLA representative for that session. Minutes will eventually be posted to the CC:DA public space on ALA Connect:; the old CC:DA blog under the ALCTS webspace will continue to be available but is no longer in active use. Much of the first day was occupied by the report of MARC Advisory Council (MAC) liaison John Myers and in particular discussion of paper 2023-DP01 from the Library of Congress’s Network Development and MARC Standards Office, which proposes adding a subfield to field 264 to record formatted but unsubfielded publication statements. The desire for this subfield arises from LC’s commitment to supply MARC records to other libraries,

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