SAC: Core Midwinter Report 2023

Core Metadata and Collections Section Subject Analysis Committee

2023 Midwinter Meeting

January 18-20, 2023

reported by Janelle West, Vocabularies Subcommittee chair and liaison to SAC


The Subject Analysis Committee (SAC) met virtually on January 18-20, 2023. The first two meetings consisted of brief reports by the various liaisons and committee members, with the final day primarily reserved for follow-up on old business as well as the introduction of new business. 


A common thread in nearly every liaison report was the ongoing efforts to address racist and otherwise derogatory and offensive classifications and vocabularies relating variously to Indigenous peoples, enslaved people, Islam, and issues of gender and sexuality. Of note is the report from the Homosaurus Editorial Board, which announced an upcoming Homosaurus application profile and a new community Google group for Homosaurus users. Core DEI representative Iman Dagher called attention to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee website as well as their Equity Diversity and Inclusion Resources page.  


Of particular interest to the music cataloging community is the work of the Joint GNCRT/SAC/OLAC Working Group on Compound Terms in the LCGFT Vocabulary. The working group is charged with approaching the Library of Congress to advocate for policy revisions to allow the inclusion of compound terms in the LCGFT vocabulary. To this end, they submitted a report supporting their case, which included several music terms as examples. The report will be sent to LC, pending SAC endorsement (which was subsequently obtained following the meetings).


For full details on committee and liaison updates reported at the meeting, see links to the written reports below.


Written reports

Library and Archives Canada (Annie Wolfe) [SAC23-MW-LAC]

National Library of Medicine (Barbara Bushman) [SAC23-MW-NLM]

Library of Congress Policy, Training, and Cooperative Programs Division (Paul Frank) [SAC23-MW-LC]

PCC Subject Authority Cooperative Program (Veronica Ranieri) [SAC23-MW-SACO]

Library of Congress Children’s and Young Adults’ Cataloging Program (Stacey Devine) [SAC23-MW-CYAC]

Homosaurus Editorial Board (Adrian Williams) [SAC23-MW-HOMOSAURUS]

MARC Advisory Committee (Adam Schiff) [SAC23-MW-MAC]

SAC Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies (Mingyan Li) [SAC23-MW-SSFV]

Dewey Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee and OCLC-Dewey Decimal Classification (Danny Joudrey and Alex Kyrios) [SAC23-MW-DDC_EPC]

Library of Congress Dewey Program (Camilla Williams) [SAC23-MW-DDC_LC]

FAST Policy and Outreach Committee (Dean Seeman) [SAC23-MW-FAST]

OCLC (Michael Phillips) [SAC23-MW-OCLC]

ACRL RBMS Controlled Vocabularies Editorial Group (Jennifer Bradshaw) [SAC23-MW-RBMS]

American Association of Law Libraries (Cate Kellett) [SAC23-MW-AALL]

Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (Scott Dutkiewicz) [SAC23-MW-OLAC]

Art Libraries Society of North America (Sherman Clarke) [SAC23-MW-ARLIS_NA]

Music Library Association (Janelle West) [SAC23-MW-MLA]

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (Judy Jeng) [SAC23-MW-IFLA]

Sears List of Subject Headings [SAC23-MW-SEARS]

Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access (Daniel Jergovic) [SAC23-MW-CCDA]

Getty Vocabulary Program (Jonathan Ward) [SAC23-MW-GETTY]

Working Group on External Review of LC Vocabularies (Violet Fox)

Working Group on the Devaluation of Cataloging (Margaret Joyce)

Update on ICOLC Statement on Metadata Rights (Amanda Ros)

Report of the chair of SAC (Candy Riley) [SAC23-MW-chair]