Annual Content Standards Subcommittee Business Meeting

The 2024 annual business meeting of the CMC Content Standards Subcommittee will be held virtually on Thursday, March 7, 12:00 pm-12:55 pm EST.  Please see the meeting agenda for details and relevant links. Guests are encouraged to familiarize themselves with reports and documents ahead of time and bring questions or comments to the meeting. The meeting is open to all, and guests may come and go throughout. Access to the meeting is through the Cvent platform, which is the entry point for all sessions of the Music Library Association 2024 Annual Meeting. Registered MLA and MOUG attendees will find the meeting listed in the schedule; other guests must register (free) via the Cvent open meetings portal. CMC is also hosting an open, virtual CMC Q&A session Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 12:00 PM-12:55 PM EST. In this discussion forum, Town Hall speakers and additional CMC members will be available to answer questions from the Town Hall or about any of the

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RDA Best Practices Updates

Updates to two MLA RDA Best Practice supplement documents are now available via the CMC Best Practices page. Supplement 1: Guidelines for Describing and Encoding Attributes of Audio Recording Carriers has been updated to version 1.82, which corrects an issue with the mapping for encoding format (347 $b) for electronic audio resources and updates examples for provider-neutral cataloging of electronic audio resources. MLA RDA Metadata Guidance, a document for use with Official RDA, has been updated to version 0.93, which corrects some MARC examples and makes some improvements to example labeling. A more significant update is the addition of format-specific guidance covering certain aspects of sound recording cataloging. At the moment, topics addressed include choices for recording publication, distribution, and manufacture statements for audio recordings and recording contributor agent information. Although written for Official RDA, information in this section is also compliant with Original RDA. Beginning with version 0.93, the

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2023 Content Standards Subcommittee Business Meeting and Agenda

The business meeting of the Content Standards Subcommittee will take place on Tuesday, March 7, from 10:00AM-11:20AM PST/1:00PM-2:20PM EST. All registered (virtual or in-person) attendees of the MLA conference are invited to attend. The agenda is available for viewing here. The Zoom link will become available for registered attendees through the session page in Sched ten minutes prior to the start of the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there! Keith Knop, Chair, Content Standards Subcommittee

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RDA Best Practices Training and Updates

Presentation slides for the ALA eLearning webinar Using the New RDA Toolkit to Catalog Music, presented August 9-11, 2022, have been deposited in the Humanities Commons here: Full presenter notes are included. Some of the pending issues mentioned in the slides have been addressed in the most recent Best Practices update in September. A summary of changes is below. Changes to the MLA Best Practices in the September Toolkit update are minimal, but highlights include the following: The MLA RDA Metadata Guidance document has been updated to version 0.92, with the following additions: Note: Although the electronic resource guidelines were written with reference to Official RDA, there should not be anything in them—other than directions to refer to the LC-PCC MGD—that conflicts with Original RDA. Error reports, comments, or feedback on the Best Practices in the new Toolkit may be submitted here: Error reports, comments, or feedback on

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