MLA-CMC at Upcoming Summer 2023 ALA and MAC Meetings

CMC will be representing MLA’s interests at three upcoming meetings: ALA Core’s Core Subject Analysis Committee (SAC) and the MARC Advisory Committee (MAC) in June and ALA Core’s Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) in July. SAC will be meeting virtually June 14, 15, 16, 2023 from 1:00-3:00 pm CST (2-4 Eastern) each day. Meetings do not require a registration fee and are open to all interested guests, who may participate via Zoom chat and come and go throughout. To attend, you will need to register for a Zoom link that will admit you to all three meetings. The agenda and the liaison reports, including MLA’s, are posted to the SAC ALA Connect public site as they arrive. If you have specific concerns or interests for this meeting, or questions about SAC in general, please contact Janelle West, chair of the CMC Vocabularies Subcommittee and MLA’s liaison to SAC.

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MLA Best Practices for Using LCMPT version 1.41 now available

A slightly revised version (v. 1.41) of the MLA Best Practices for Using LCMPT (March 31, 2020) is now available, and should be used in place of the previous version.  The main change is the deletion in its entirety of footnote 10 in version 1.4. Deleted:  As of this writing, 382 subfields $e, $r and $t are defined in the MARC Authorities Format, but are not yet approved for use in LC/NACO authority records; see the Descriptive Cataloging Manual, Section Z1 for more information (via Cataloger’s Desktop or Aside from that restriction and the second indicator difference mentioned above, these best practices guidelines apply equally to 382 fields in bibliographic and authority records. This brings the document in line with the change by LC, announced in March ahead of the April, 2020 update to DCM Z1, that subfields in the 382 field (Medium of Performance) are available for use in authority records (by NACO-Music

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OCLC Music Toolkit installer updates, October 2018

Current and future users of the OCLC Music Toolkit are encouraged to download the updated installer from Updates in the October 24, 2018 version include: 382/LCMPT LCSH “harp” mapping changed, to LCMPT “pedal harp” LCSH “[Instrument] $v Studies and exercises” and “[Instrument] $v Studies and exercises, Juvenile” generate LCMPT for solo instrument LCSH subdivisions “Excerpts” and “Excerpts, Arranged” do not prevent generation of field 382 for medium in $a Calculation of number subfields: added terms ending in “orchestra” or “choir” to terms considered an ensemble Calculation of number subfields: confirmed that $r adds number from $b and $a (soloists and non-soloist individual performers, when ensemble involved) [no change] 655/LCGFT LCSH “Memorial music” mapping changed, from “Functional music” to “Memorial music” LCSH “Romances (Music)” mapping added, to “Romances (Music)” Comp (008/18-19; 006/01-02) mappings: cn mapping added, to “Canons (Music)” nc mapping changed, from “Art music” to “Nocturnes (Music)” ft mapping

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New NOTES article on faceted music vocabularies

Congratulations to Beth Iseminger, Nancy Lorimer, Casey Mullin, and Hermine Vermeij on their article in the March 2017 issue of NOTES, Faceted Vocabularies for Music: A New Era in Resource Discovery. This article highlights important work done by the Cataloging and Metadata Committee (formerly the Bibliographic Control Committee) of MLA, in partnership with the Library of Congress, as well as earlier work leading up to the development and publication of the vocabularies (LCMPT and LCGFT for music). Access online via Project MUSE or MLA: DOI: 10.1353/not.2017.0000

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