Encoding Standards Subcommittee 2017 Business Meeting Agenda

The Encoding Standards Subcommittee of the Music Library Association’s Cataloging and Metadata Committee will be meeting during MLA’s upcoming Annual meeting in Orlando. This is an open meeting, so please join us on Thursday, February 23, 2017, from 3:30 to 4:55 p.m. in Salon 5 of the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando. View the agenda to see what cool things we’ll be discussing: We hope to see you!

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Vocabularies Subcommittee 2017 Business Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Vocabularies Subcommittee 2017 Business Meeting during the Orlando Annual Meeting is available here: The meeting is open to all. We hope to see you there! Cheers, Casey Mullin, VS Chair

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CMC call for new members 2017

The MLA Cataloging and Metadata Committee invites all interested persons to apply to be part of the subcommittees of the Cataloging and Metadata Committee. There are open positions on all subcommittees: Content Standards, Encoding Standards, and Vocabularies. If you are interested in being a part of CMC, please send a brief application addressed to the CMC chair or any of the current subcommittee chairs. Applications must be in writing and should state: 1) your specific interest with regards to the subcommittee(s) to which you would like to apply; 2) your cataloging/metadata background; and 3) your abilities to meet CMC service expectations. Applications must be received via email or posted to the bulletin board at the MLA conference by end of day on the Friday of MLA. (Email is preferable, and early submission is very helpful.) Contact information is available on the CMC website. CMC Chair: Tracey Snyder Content Standards Subcommittee:

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MLA 2017 Cataloging and Metadata meetings and relevant sessions

I have compiled a list of MLA 2017 meetings and sessions that may be of interest to those who work in cataloging and/or metadata. I included all CMC business meetings and all sessions sponsored or co-sponsored by CMC, as well as a few other relevant meetings and sessions. Please see the MLA 2017 schedule online for full listings, locations, etc.   WEDNESDAY MLA pre-conference workshop The Beat Goes On-athon: Creating Linked Data for Music with RIMMF (co-sponsored by CMC)   THURSDAY 9 AM-10:25 AM    Cataloging and Promoting Music Special Collections in Latin America 11 AM-12:25 PM    Cataloging and Metadata Committee #1 1:30 PM-2:55 PM    RDA Steering Committee Music Working Group 2:30 PM-4 PM        Get Involved in MLA!    3:30 PM-4:55 PM    Encoding Standards Subcommittee 6 PM-            [system-specific interest groups]   FRIDAY 9 AM-10:25 AM    Ontologies, BIBFRAME, and Linked Data for Performed Music: MLA’s Role in It All

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