Subjects Subcommittee/Genre Form Task Force: MLA Report 2015

Subject Access Subcommittee/Genre/Form Task Force Joint Business Meeting Report MLA Annual Meeting 2015, Denver, Colorado Submitted by Casey Mullin, Subject Access Subcommittee Chair, and Nancy Lorimer, Genre/Form Task Force Chair Members present: Subject Access: Rebecca Belford, Emma Dederick, Matt Ertz, Kenneth Kauffman, Kevin Kishimoto, Peter Lisius, Casey Mullin (chair), Hermine Vermeij, Janelle West, J. Brad Young, Maarja Vigorito (LC representative) Genre/Form Task Force: Ralph Hartsock, Casey Mullin, Thomas Pease, Karen Peters, Sheila Torres-Blank, Hermine Vermeij. Absent: Genre/Form Task Force: Nancy Lorimer (chair), Caitlin Hunter, Marty Jenkins Visitors present: approximately 15-25 Mullin welcomed Vigorito, new LC representative, and thanked outgoing SAS members Peter Lisius and Hermine Vermeij. ALA Report (Mullin) Mullin highlighted a few items from his written report, available on the BCC web site: Report from the Library of Congress (Vigorito) The Music Division of LC implemented LCMPT terms in cataloging in spring 2014. The implementation is going smoothly,

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