Mozart, Leopold, 1719-1787

Code: Seiffert
Citation: Ausgewählte Werke von Leopold Mozart. Edited by Max Seiffert. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1908.
Abbreviation: S. (n 79127794)
Access Point Use: Use in authorized or variant access points when practicable.

Code: Eisen
Citation: Eisen, Cliff. "The Symphonies of Leopold Mozart and Their Relationship to the Early Symphonies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Bibliographical and Stylistic Study." Ph.D. diss., Cornell University, 1986.
Abbreviation: E. (n 79127794)
Access Point Use: For symphonies; use in variant access points.
Notes: Numbers are in 2nd ed. of New Grove with concordances to Seiffert numbers where they exist.

Code: Eisen2010
Citation: Eisen, Cliff. Leopold-Mozart-Werkverzeichnis (LMV). Augsburg: Wissner, 2010.
Abbreviation: LMV (n 79127794)
Access Point Use: Authorized or variant access points.