Margola, Franco, 1908-1992

Code: DeCarli
Citation: De Carli, Ottavio. Franco Margola: catalogo delle opere. Brescia: Fondazione civiltà bresciana, 1993.
Abbreviation: dC. (no 90011533)
Access Point Use: Authorized or variant access points.
Notes: The De Carli thematic index number may be used in newly formed authorized access points when it is necessary to break a conflict in the authority file. For works where the preferred title consists only of a type of composition, the De Carli thematic index number may only be used in forming the authorized access point if the thematic index number is present on the resource in-hand or in cases where no other identifying information is available. Some resources published after 1993 erroneously give the De Carli number as an opus number. In such cases, the opus number should be considered as a thematic index number and the caption associated with the De Carli index should be used with the numeral in authorized access points and in subfield 383 $c.