Lutosławski, Witold, 1913-1994

Code: Będkowski
Citation: Będkowski, Stanisław and Stanisław Hrabia. Witold Lutosławski: A Bio-Bibliography. Westport, CN: Greenwood Press, 2001.
Abbreviation: W, Wf, Wt, Wr, or Wp
Access Point Use: Variant access points only.
Notes: The Będkowski source separates Lutosławski's main body of work from other more specific genres. As such, "W" is used for his main body of work, "Wf" is used for film music, "Wt" is used for incidental music for the theatre, "Wr" is used for music for radio plays, and "Wp" is used for songs composed under the pseudonym "Derwid" (or "Bardos"). For each abbreviation, numbers following are given with no space or punctuation in between (for example: W36; Wr75; Wp10).