Gabrieli, Giovanni, approximately 1554-1612

Code: Charteris1996
Citation: Charteris, Richard. Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1555-1612): A Thematic Catalogue of His Music with a Guide to the Source Materials and Translations of His Vocal Texts. Thematic Catalogues, no. 20. Stuyvesant, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1996.
Abbreviation: C (n 79070076)
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Notes: There is no space between the abbreviation and the index number (e.g. C151). Index identifiers which include letters do include a space after the abbreviation (e.g. C D16).

Code: Kenton
Citation: Kenton, Egon. Life and Works of Giovanni Gabrieli. Musicological Studies and Documents, 16. N.p.: American Institute of Musicology, 1967.
Abbreviation: K
Access Point Use: Variant access points only.