Brunetti, Gaetano, 1744-1798

Code: Jenkins1986
Citation: Jenkins, Newell "Thematic Index." In The Symphony, 1720-1840: Reference Volume. New York: Garland, 1986.
Abbreviation: J. (n 81055139)
Access Point Use: For overtures, symphonies, and symphonies concertantes; use in variant access points only.
Notes: Thematic index on p. 96-101.

Code: Labrador
Citation: Labrador López de Azcona, Germán. Gaetano Brunetti (1744-1798): catálogo crítico, themático y cronológico. Madrid: Asociación Española de Documentación Musical, 2005.
Abbreviation: L. (n 81055139)
Access Point Use: Authorized or variant access points.