PCC Funnels (NACO/SACO/BIBCO) Meeting

Here are the slides that were unable to be shown at the meeting: PCC Music Funnel Projects meeting 2017-blogpost-bw For more information, contact the Coordinators: Mark Scharff, NMP Coordinator Nancy Lorimer, SACO Coordinator Linda Blair, BIBCO Coordinator

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ALA Midwinter 2016 PCC and CAPC Meeting Notes

Notes from PCC meetings at ALA Midwinter 2016 are available at: Notes from the OLAC-CAPC meeting at ALA Midwinter 2016 are available at:

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Relationship designators in bibliographic records–PCC training manual

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Standing Committee on Training (SCT) published a training manual for applying relationship designators in bibliographic records in January 2015. See New relationship designators may be proposed using the PCC relationship designator proposal form. See Please use MOUG-L to discuss ideas for new or revised relationship designators, or contact any of the following people: Kathy Glennan, ALA representative to the Joint Steering Committee Beth Iseminger, Chair of MLA Cataloging and Metadata Committee Tracey Snyder, Chair of MLA Content Standards Subcommittee

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