Encoding Standards Subcommittee 2022 Business Meeting and Agenda

Please join us for the annual business meeting of the Encoding Standards Subcommittee, which will be held virtually on Thursday, February 24, 2022, 11:30-12:55 MT (1:30-2:55 ET), immediately before the Cataloging and Metadata Committee Town Hall. Please see the ESS meeting agenda for a full agenda with links to MARC Advisory Committee meeting reports and other documents of interest. The meeting is open to all registered attendees of the MLA conference. Zoom links will become available 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting in Sched (MLA 2022 conference schedule for registered attendees). The meeting will be recorded. We look forward to seeing you (virtually) there! Karen Peters, Chair, Encoding Standards Subcommittee

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Encoding Standards Subcommittee 2017 Business Meeting Agenda

The Encoding Standards Subcommittee of the Music Library Association’s Cataloging and Metadata Committee will be meeting during MLA’s upcoming Annual meeting in Orlando. This is an open meeting, so please join us on Thursday, February 23, 2017, from 3:30 to 4:55 p.m. in Salon 5 of the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando. View the agenda to see what cool things we’ll be discussing: We hope to see you!

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MLA’s MARC Proposals Supported by MARC Advisory Committee

I will be posting a link to some extensive notes about happenings at ALA Annual of interest to folks interested in all things encoding standards. But until then I wanted to share the news that MLA’s three MARC proposals were approved by the MARC Advisory Committee to move forward to the MARC Steering Group. The three proposals in question: 2016-09: Recording Distributor Number for Music and Moving Image Materials in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format 2016-08: Redefining Code Values in Field 008/20 (Format of Music) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format 2016-07: Defining Subfield $3 in Field 382 of the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format Thanks very much to everyone who worked on the proposals or provided feedback! My notes will also include further details on the MAC discussions about many of the discussion papers and proposals put forward by other organizations that are likely to be of interest to music

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Encoding Standards Subcommittee Agenda 2016

The working agenda for the Encoding Standards Subcommittee meeting at MLA’s 2016 Cincinnatti meeting is up: This is a working agenda and may change slightly before the meeting. If you’d like to see something discussed please leave a comment or contact me. We’ll be meeting on Friday March 4 in Salon H/I. Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you there!

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Encoding Standards, Linked Data, BIBFRAME at Midwinter

Interested in linked data, BIBFRAME or MARC news from the recent ALA Midwinter 2016 in Boston? I’ve written up minutes to several of the meetings I was able to attend during the conference, and these should be of particular interest to folks with an interest in encoding standards. Some trends: Full BIBFRAME implementation remains on the horizon, though closer than before. MARC is definitely not dead, though it definitely is eyeing a linked data future. Small linked data projects abound, and they seem closer to knitting together to form useful interfaces and tools. Some linked data practitioners are getting more interested in the social space around their work, and are looking closer at issues of diversity, inclusiveness and privacy. See the minutes at: Please post your thoughts in the comments!

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