SACO Music Funnel Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Genre and genre/form in LCSH terms should be in plural and first word capitalized. If in German, capitalize according to German rules.
  • Medium terms and instruments in LCSH should NOT be capitalized and should be singular, except for mediums requiring more than one for performance (example: chorus changing voices)

Examples of Common Citations
670 Grove music online, viewed September 25, 2020 $b (F
670 The Harvard dict. of music, 1986 $b (
670 Wikipedia, viewed September 25, 2020 $b (

Medium and Subject Terms
For terms that could be both a medium (LCMPT) term and a subject (LCSH) term, submit separate proposals for each term. Edit the broader, narrower, and related terms as needed according to the structure of each vocabulary.

Sources Consulted (Term Not Found)
675 Oxford music online, Dec. 10, 2014.

Scope Notes for Closely Related Terms
LCSH format: Here are entered… Works about … are entered under.
LCGFT format: [Description of Term A]. For [description of Term B] see [Term B].

Revised Records
For revisions to existing records, use the following designations to indicate the corresponding changes.

  • [REVISE field]
  • [ADD field]
  • [DELETE field]

Work Cat
Format for Work cataloged citations (the first 670 field):

Author last name, Author first initial. Title, date: $b volume, page, etc. (Data found)

Example: Work cat.: Fujikura, D. Secret forest, for ensemble, 2008: $b title page verso (wind players double on rainstick)

Additional Resources

Sample SACO Proposal
Email subject line: SACO medium proposal ready for review (taegŭm)

In body of email:

Preferred Term: taegŭm
Variant term: chŏ
Variant term: chŏttae
Variant term: daegeum
Variant term: daegŭm
Broader term: ductless flute

Work cat: Jeong, Ga-Yeong. Ryu, 2014: $b cover (Ryu : for flute, taegŭm, and harp)

Additional source: Oxford music online, September 25, 2020: $b Taegŭm (Large transverse bamboo flute of Korea (tae: ‘large’; gŭm: ‘flute’). It is also called chŏ or chŏttae.)

Additional source: Library of Congress authorities WWW site, September 25, 2020 $b (established subject headings: Taegŭm, Taegŭm music, Taegŭm and cello music, etc.)

Additional source: Wikipedia, July 2, 2020: $b Daegeum (The daegeum (also spelled taegum, daegum or taegŭm) is a large bamboo transverse flute used in traditional Korean music.)

Scope note: A transverse ductless bamboo flute of Korea.