Cataloging and Metadata Committee

The Cataloging and Metadata Committee ensures and enhances access to and organization of music and music-related resources based on established and evolving content standards, metadata encoding standards, and vocabularies. The Committee is made up of representatives of the music cataloging and metadata community and represents the interests of this community by sharing our subject expertise in the development and revision of national and international standards and vocabularies for the description of music resources and for the encoding of information about such resources. The Committee maintains active communication with the music cataloging and metadata community and between music catalogers and metadata librarians and the Library of Congress. In addition, the Committee disseminates relevant information on cataloging and metadata to the membership of MLA. The Committee collaborates with the Library of Congress, with committees that are part of the American Library Association, and with other groups in support of the Committee’s charge and the mission of the Music Library Association. The Committee and Subcommittee chairs serve as MLA liaisons to relevant groups, particularly those associated with ALA.


  • Rebecca Belford, Chair

  • Kristi Bergland
  • Susan Vita (LC)
  • Morris Levy (OCLC)