MARBI: ALA Annual Report 2015

MARC Advisory Committee, June 27-28, 2015 Meeting at the American Library Association’s Annual meeting, 2015. Notes prepared for the Music Library Association Cataloging and Metadata Committee by Jim Soe Nyun. Full agenda and links to papers and proposals online at: These notes follow the structure of the agenda. MARC Advisory Committee, Session I, June 27, 2015 Minutes​ for the January/February, 2015 Midwinter meetings were approved. Discussion Paper No. 2015-DP02: Coding 007 Field Positions for Digital Sound Recordings in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Forma​t; sponsored by the Canadian Committee on Metadata Exchange (CCM) This paper proposed several changes to the MARC format to accommodate remote-access audio content. MAC supported many of the suggestions and proposed other options in other areas. The discussion paper will return as a formal MARC proposal. Details on individual elements: 007/00: Agreed that the definition needed to be changed but MAC would like different wording, to

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MAC: ALA Midwinter Report 2015

ALA Midwinter Meeting 2015, Chicago Report from the MARC Advisory Committee (MAC) and from MARC and BIBFRAME-Related Sessions Submitted by Sandy Rodriguez, Chair, MLA-BCC MARC Formats Subcommittee MARC Advisory Committee (MAC) Chair, Matthew Wise (NYU) welcomed everyone to the meeting of the MARC Advisory Committee (MAC). Introductions were made and the 2014 Annual Meeting MAC minutes were approved. Proposal No. 2015-01: Defining Values in Field 037 to Indicate a Sequence of Sources of Acquisition in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format Presented by the British Library. This paper, a follow-up from Discussion Paper No. 2014-DP06, proposes to define indicator 1 in Bibliographic field 037 (Source of acquisition) in order to record sequencing information. Additionally, subfields $3 and $5 are defined so that materials and institution or organization to which a source of acquisition applies can be recorded. The proposal was accepted as written, with one abstention. Discussion Paper No. 2015-DP01: Recording

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