Content Standards Subcommittee: MLA Report 2017

Music Library Association
Cataloging and Metadata Committee
Content Standards Subcommittee (CSS)

Business Meeting
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Orlando, Florida

Members present: Mary Huismann (chair), Linda Blair (BIBCO liaison), Sonia Archer-Capuzzo, Ann  Churukian, Chris Diamond, Bruce Evans, Patty Falk, Kevin Kishimoto, Morris Levy, Anna Alfeld LoPrete, Rick McRae, Jennifer Olson, Shelley Rogers, Mark Scharff (NACO liaison), Tomoko Shibuya, Jay Weitz (OCLC Representative)

Member attending remotely: Peter Lisius

Members not present: Sophie Rondeau, Michi Hoban (LC Representative), Valerie Weinberg (LC  Representative)

Guest: Damian Iseminger (LC, attending on behalf of Michi Hoban and Valerie Weinberg)
Visitors: 18

Welcome & introductions

CSS introductions were made around the table
The chair gave brief remarks about the background and responsibilities of CSS.

Chair’s report


Welcome new members (Ann, Anna, Bruce, Kevin, Patty, Rick, Shelley)
Thanks to outgoing members (Chris, Damian, Morris, Bruce, Sophie)


CSS work takes place on our wiki
Resources available from CMC website (

RDA Best Practices Supplements (

Announcements and reports posted to the CMC blog
Subscribe to the blog to receive updates directly
Link to blog:

Mid-year screencast slated for updates

ALA Liaison reports

Reports are posted to the CMC blog and published in the Music Cataloging Bulletin

Annual 2016 (Orlando) (
Midwinter 2017 (Atlanta) (

Liaison/Other reports

LC report

Damian Iseminger (LC) reported on the LC-PCC Policy Statements in development.

Finite Projects

Joint OLAC/MLA Playaways RDA Best Practices Task Force (Olson)

There have been some changes in task force personnel but still on track for a draft to be presented at ALA Annual.

RDA Relationship Designators (with OLAC)

Work was completed on the list of terms in process when the relationship designator moratorium went into effect
These terms appeared in the August 2016 release of the RDA Toolkit

LRM draft review

Mary Huismann served on the CC:DA task force to review the draft
Several CSS members provided comments
Feedback from the music community was incorporated into the document.

RDA Best Practices

Changes since last year’s meeting

One RDA Toolkit update (April 2016) and 3 releases (August 2016, October 2016, February 2017) since our last meeting.
Release/update summaries are posted to the CMC blog and published in the Music Cataloging Bulletin

New/revised BPs
RDA to record the type of corporate body in all cases, whether or not it is used as a qualifier in the authorized access point, and another for
RDA (General Guidelines on Constructing Authorized Access Points to Represent Corporate Bodies). The latter adds a qualifier for the type of corporate body in cases of doubt whether the preferred name conveys the idea of a corporate body; it is not added simply to bring out the musical aspect of the body.
RDA 3.19.3 (Encoding Format) gives guidance following the removal of controlled vocabulary from RDA.
Several best practice recommendations are under consideration for the April 2017 Toolkit update.

RDA Best Practices Supplements document

Supplements document resides on CMC website
Several updates were made to Supplement 1:
Audio cartridge (e.g., 8-track)
Flexi discs (aka Soundsheet, phonosheet)
Revisions to reflect changes to RDA 3.19.3 (Encoding Format)
Base material for cylinders.

RDA Best Practices suggestions submission form

Located in the FAQ at the CMC website (link)
Continue to submit suggestions while RDA content is “frozen.”

New business

IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM)

Heard a brief overview of LRM, a model that will be used to shape the next version of RDA

RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R) Project

Details about this project were revealed at ALA Midwinter
RDA content will be frozen from April 2017 to April 2018
Architecture, navigation, organization of instructions, administrative functions to change

Tasks for the upcoming year

Tasks associated with the LRM implementation/3R project:
Develop DITA map for music
Provide feedback (via user stories, etc.) for the 3R project
Dig into LRM when that document becomes available

Consider alternate presentation for the RDA Best Practices Supplement 1 document

Complete review of the RDA Best Practices
Review and sync with LC-PCC Policy Statements as appropriate
Review examples

CSS wiki “cleanup”

Open discussion

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Huismann, CSS Chair