Content Standards Subcommittee: MLA Report 2019

Music Library Association

Cataloging and Metadata Committee

Content Standards Subcommittee (CSS)

Business Meeting

Saturday, February 23, 2019, 11:00-12:25 pm

New York Central/Illinois Central Room St. Louis Union Station Hotel

St. Louis, MO

Members present : Mary Huismann, Ben Barba, Kristi Bergland, Linda Blair, Ann Churukian, Monica Figueroa, Chris Holden, Kevin Kishimoto, Anna LoPrete, Patty Falk, Rick McRae, Jennifer Olson, Shelley Rogers, Michelle Urberg, Jay Weitz,

Members not present : Janice Bunker, Peter Lisius

Visitors present : 26

Welcome & introductions (5 min.)

  • The Chair welcomed members and audience observers.
  • CSS introductions were made around the table
  • There were no changes to the agenda.

Chair’s Report (Huismann) (10 min.)


  • CSS welcomed two new members for 2018-19: Ben Barba, Janice Bunker
  • Members rotating off the committee, Jennifer Olson and Peter Lisius, werethanked for their service over the past four years.

ALA Liaison reports

  • The Chair attended ALA Annual, representing MLA at the ALCTS CC:DA meeting as well as reporting on other meetings related to content standards (chieflyRDA).
  • The ALA Annual meeting reports are available on the web( ) and also in the August 2018 issue of the Music Cataloging Bulletin .
  • The Chair attended ALA Midwinter, representing MLA at the ALCTS CC:D Ameeting as well as reporting on other meetings related to content standards(chiefly RDA).
  • The Midwinter meeting reports are available on the web( )and have also been published in the March 2019 issue of the Music CatalogingBulletin.

Joint Project Updates (Huismann) (15 min.)

CC:DA 3R ( RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign Project) Task Force
  • CC:DA reconstituted its 3R Task Force to look more closely at the resultsof 3R project work on the beta RDA Toolkit.
  • The group is gathering feedback that will be shared with the RSC and ALAPublishing.
  • Mary Huismann is serving on this task force.
MLA/OLAC Task Force for Single-Title Audio Formats
  • This newly-formed task force is the successor to the former Playaways RDA best practices task force.
  • A bit of background: the need for a refocused task force was brought forth from discussion from the CAPC meeting at the 2017 OLAC biennial conference. The suggestion was made to make a more general set of best practices to cover resources with Playaways-like characteristics, since formats tend to emerge and disappear. After working out various details within OLAC and with MLA, the current task force was born, and officially commissioned in late 2018.
  • The charge to the new task force is to create best practices for cataloging Playaways, GoChip, SlotMusic, USB Music Card, etc.
  • Membership: Bruce Evans (Chair), Rosemary Groenwald (OLAC rep),Barbara Tysinger (OLAC rep), Kristi Bergland (MLA rep)
  • Still seeking another MLA volunteer!
Joint MLA/OLAC 33X/34X Task Group
  • Amended one of the recommendations from the joint MLA/OLAC taskforce which worked to address issues connected to updates to the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes list, utilized in the 33X and 34Xfields.
  • The recommendation for issue three was clarified with an additional sentence “Recommend use of the new $2 source codes for MARC 34Xfields.” The entire amended document can be found at the OLAC website ( )
Music Cataloging Basics Webinar (MLA/ALA Publishing)
  • Delivered by Linda Blair and Mary Huismann on October 31, 2018

LC Liaison Report (Holden) (10 min.)

Chris Holden reported on the status of the BIBFRAME pilot project and noted the retirement of Valerie Weinberg (former LC Liaison to CSS)

RDA Best Practices (Huismann) (5 min.)

  • There have been no changes to the RDA Best Practices since last year’s meeting because the Toolkit content remains frozen
  • A reminder that while the RDA Best Practices are found in the Toolkit, the Supplements documents lives at the CMC website ( )
  • Please use the submission form found at the CMC FAQs page to suggest revisions and additions to the RDA Best Practices or Supplements documents ( )

New Business (Huismann) (30 min.) Handout 1 Handout 2

RDA Toolkit 3R project update

The Chair provided some updates from the 3R project that will or have thepotential to affect our current RDA Best Practices

The Best Practices will be grouped with other sets of “Policy Statements”

The Best Practices will be available in two ways:

  • From a drop-down menu
  • Adjacent to RDA text in the “right rail” of the element page
  • Handout 1: the Illustration in the handout shows an element page thathas an associated policy statement

The stable English RDA text expected in April and work on policy statements canbegin after that occurs

  • Handout 1 shows a comparison of the current British Library (BL) andLibrary of Congress (LC) Policy Statements with the MLA Best Practices

Will need to consider the style, length, etc. of our Best Practices inthe new Toolkit

Proposed workflow: we will likely concentrate on the current Best Practices (e.g., getting links correct, revising to the guidelinesprovided by ALA Publishing) before any work on new Best Practices (though we would identify what new text might need a Best Practice)

  • Efficient use of the toolkit will require an application profile

Communities of practice (e.g., MLA, IAML, worldwide music community, etc.) will want to construct their own application profile

The beta Toolkit: Application Profiles, Policy Statements, and Best Practices, oh my!! (overview and discussion)

Many thanks to the RSC presenters at ALA Midwinter, especially Kathy Glennan, JamesHennelly, and Gordon Dunsire for their willingness to share their presentations. These are available to view at the RSC website on the “Presentations” page ( ). There’s a page on the CSS wiki that corrals someessential background information.

  • The Chair provided an introduction to application profiles and how they may beused in the new Toolkit (see links to Handouts, above)

Handout 1 contains some background information regarding application profiles and use in the new Toolkit

Handout 2 contains a sample application profile (in a format similar to RIMMF) used at the RDA preconference at ALA Midwinter. Note that only one worksheet is displayed in the handout, and columns devoted to Provenance information were omitted. The worksheet is intentionally brief – there would be much more substance to an actual applicationprofile.

  • The Subcommittee and audience observers engaged in a “blue sky” discussionfocused on the Best Practices as they are currently formatted and how these might be reformatted for the future. The group considered:

Our current RDA best practices – what do we like? what don’t we like?

Transitioning into policy statements – what might we do differently? Would we change the title?

Supplements documents – how might we best present this information inthe new Toolkit?


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Huismann

CSS Chair