Content Standards Subcommittee: MLA Report 2018

Music Library Association

Cataloging and Metadata Committee

Content Standards Subcommittee (CSS)

Business Meeting

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Portland, OR

Members present: Mary Huismann (chair), Linda Blair (BIBCO liaison), Kristi Bergland, Ann Churukian, Patty Falk, Monica Figueroa, Chris Holden (LC representative), Kevin Kishimoto, Anna Alfeld LoPrete, Mark Scharff (NACO liaison), Tomoko Shibuya, Michelle Urberg, Jay Weitz (OCLC representative)

Member attending remotely: Peter Lisius

Members not present: Shelley Rogers, Rick McRae, Jennifer Olson

Guests: Bruce Evans, Kathy Glennan, Damian Iseminger

Visitors: 15

Welcome & introductions

CSS introductions were made around the table

The chair gave brief remarks about the background and responsibilities of CSS.

Chair’s report


Welcome new members (Kristi Bergland, Drew Beisswenger, Monica Figueroa, Michelle Urberg)

Drew Beisswenger resigned from CSS

Chris Holden is the new LC representative to CSS

Thanks to outgoing members (Tomoko Shibuya, LC representatives Michi Hoban, Valerie Weinberg)

ALA Liaison reports

Annual 2017 (Chicago)


Reports were distributed via the CMC blog and the Music Cataloging Bulletin

Midwinter 2018 (Denver) – report forthcoming

Liaison/Other reports

RDA Music Working Group

Damian Iseminger (RMWG chair) reported on the work of the RDA Music Working Group. He also serves as a member of the “RSC+” group. Work on proposals has slowed considerably due to the freeze on RDA content.

LC Report

Damian Iseminger (LC) reported on LC and LC-PCC Policy Statement work. The last set of Policy Statements, mostly related to medium of performance, went into the April 2017 RDA Toolkit release. All of the Policy Statements will need to be reconsidered and mapped once the new RDA text is released.

OCLC Report

Jay Weitz (OCLC) provided highlights from the OCLC news distributed to attendees.

Joint Project Updates

Joint OLAC/MLA Playaways RDA Best Practices Task Force (Olson)

OLAC Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) is reconsidering the standalone Playaways guide. Rather, a guide covering similar types of media such as GoChip could be developed. One concern is with the rapid change in technology and whether it is worth investing the considerable time and effort required for a guide (e.g., the SlotMusic cataloging best practices).

Joint MLA/OLAC 33X/34X Task Group

This group was formed last spring to address issues connected to 23 additions to the Genre/Form Code and Term Source Codes list (, which are utilized in the 33X and 34X fields

The group conducted their work over the summer, with some revisions to that work completed later in the fall

Final recommendations of the group were issued via MLA-L, OLAC-L, and other electronic discussion lists. The recommendations are to be eventually posted to the OLAC website (which is currently undergoing reorganization); for now, the recommendations can be accessed via the link in the CMC blog post or the list posts.

In short, the group recommended use of separate MARC 34X fields when multiple source codes apply but to continue the status quo for MARC 33X fields (based on the fact that both LC and OCLC will continue the status quo)

Several next steps and issues were identified. Watch for announcements for volunteers!

Thanks to Kristi Bergland, Patty Falk, Monica Figueroa, Karen Peters, Jim Soe Nyun, Michelle Urberg who served from MLA, and to our OLAC colleagues (Bruce Evans and others) for their work.

Music Discovery Requirements 2

Michelle Urberg participated in this effort.

RDA Best Practices

Changes since last year’s meeting have been summarized and reported via the 2018 CMC Town Hall session and CMC blog.

A reminder that the Best Practices are only available in the Toolkit (on the “Resources” tab)

RDA content is currently frozen for 3R Project work

Supplements document

This document lives at the CMC website; there is a possibility that these documents could be hosted in the new Toolkit

The 3 sections include guidelines for describing and encoding attributes of audio recording carriers, recording parallel data using ISBD in MARC, and complete MARC record examples Submission form (

Just a reminder that there is a submission form in the CMC FAQ for RDA Best Practices revision suggestions and feedback. All forms are considered but there is no guarantee of adoption.

New business

IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM), 3R Project, RDA Best Practices review

Kathy Glennan fielded questions that arose from her CMC Town Hall presentation on LRM and the 3R project.

The group discussed the training aspect of the 3R project. ALA Publishing will provide basic Toolkit navigation training. Other groups, including PCC and MLA, will need to provide specialized training. CMC will likely propose a workshop for MLA 2019, possibly co-sponsored with MOUG.

CSS could provide screencasts on topics (e.g., new concepts or terminology, etc.), or construct RDA workflows that could be MLA-branded and hosted in the Toolkit.

Mary Huismann and Elizabeth Cribbs have participated in online meetings hosted by ALA Publishing for policy statement editors. The timeframe is not yet set for “shredding” and mapping RDA content to fit the new structural scheme.

CSS has begun a preliminary review of existing Best Practices and examples, looking for omissions, and synchronization with the LC-PCC Policy Statements.

Future steps will include mapping the current Best Practices to the new RDA text, adding new Best Practices (after the new RDA text and LC-PCC Policy Statement work is issued) and considering how our supplements document could be incorporated into the Toolkit.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Huismann, CSS Chair