Content Standards Annual Report: 2017

Submitted by Mary Huismann

Members (as of March 2017)
Mary Huismann (Chair, appointed 2016), Drew Beisswenger (2017), Kristi Bergland (2017), Ann Churukian (2016), Patty Falk (2016), Monica Figueroa (2017), Kevin Kishimoto (2016), Peter Lisius (2015), Anna Alfeld LoPrete (2016), Rick McRae (2016), Jennifer Olson (2015), Shelley Rogers (2016), Tomoko Shibuya (2014), Michelle Urberg (2017), Linda Blair (BIBCO Music Funnel Coordinator), Mark Scharff (NACO-Music Project Coordinator), Michi Hoban (LC Representative), Valerie Weinberg (LC Representative), Jay Weitz (OCLC Representative)

We thank Sonia Archer-Capuzzo, Christopher Diamond, Bruce Evans, Damian Iseminger, Morris Levy, and Sophie Rondeau, who rotated off of Content
Standards Subcommittee in February 2017. We welcome Drew Beisswenger, Kristi Bergland, Monica Figueroa, and Michelle Urberg, who joined the Content  Standards Subcommittee in March 2017.

Report On Activities

  1. RDA Best Practices for Music
    CSS continues to maintain the RDA Best Practices (in the RDA Toolkit) and the supplements document (at the CMC website). A Google form (available at the CMC website) was developed for the community to submit requests for new or revised RDA best practices.
    Huismann worked with CMC webmaster (Elizabeth Hille Cribbs) and ALA’s Managing Editor for the RDA Toolkit (James Hennelly) to review new and revised content of MLA’s Best Practices for RDA in the Toolkit content management system. Huismann also worked with Cribbs to update the links for the supplements documents.
    New and revised best practices include:
    RDA Statement of Responsibility–Scope
    RDA 2.5.2 Designation of Edition
    RDA 2.15.1 Basic instructions on Recording Identifiers for the Manifestation
    RDA 2.15.2 Publisher’s Number for Notated Music
    RDA 2.15.3 Plate Number for Notated Music
    RDA Recording Production Methods
    RDA 3.9.2 Production Method for Manuscript
    RDA 3.10.2 Generation of Audio Recording
    RDA 3.19.3 Encoding Format
    RDA, RDA Selection of language of non-distinctive preferred title and definition of cognate (text prepared by VSS)
    RDA Complete Works of a Single Type of Composition for One Specific Medium or Various Media
    RDA Recording Medium of Performance
    RDA Number of Parts or Performers for Each Instrument or Voice
    RDA Number of Performers for a Group of Percussion Instruments
    RDA 6.16 Numeric Designation of a Musical Work
    RDA Additional Elements in Authorized Access Points Representing Musical Works
    RDA Medium of Performance
    RDA Recording Illustrative Content
    RDA Duration of Component Parts
    RDA Type of Corporate Body
    RDA General Guidelines on Constructing Authorized Access Points toRepresent Corporate Bodies
    New and revised content in the supplements document include:
    Supplement 1:
    Audio cartridge (e.g., 8-track)
    Flexi discs (aka Soundsheet, phonosheet)
    Revisions to reflect changes to RDA 3.19.3 (Encoding Format)
    Base material for cylindersSupplement 3:
    Updated full MARC record examples
  2. Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PSs)
    Churukian and Huismann provided input to drafts and revisions of LC-PCC PSs.
  3. Joint Task Groups
    • Joint MLA/OLAC Playaways RDA Best Practices task group Olson continued to work on the joint MLA/OLAC task force to create RDA best practices for Playaways.
    • Joint MLA/OLAC MARC 33X/34X task group (July 2017) Huismann chaired a joint task group with OLAC to examine and make recommendations on issues of consistency and application of various RDA elements encoded in MARC 336, 337, 338, 344, and 347 fields. The recommendations will also serve as a starting point to harmonize application of these elements between resource formats (e.g., audio recordings, video recordings, etc.). CSS members Bergland, Falk, Figueroa, and Urberg participated in the task group.
  4. Other
    Lo Prete served as liaison to the Music Discovery Requirements Task Force to communicate changes in the RDA Best Practices that may affect the task force’s document.
    Churukian, Figueroa, Olson, and Urberg reviewed sections of the draft of Music Discovery Requirements Version 2.
    Huismann prepared a report regarding music cataloging concerns and RDA in response to a request from the RDA Steering Committee for its RDA “pop-up” meeting at ALA Annual in June 2017.
    Huismann and Kishimoto served as members of the RSC Music Working Group. Huismann served as liaison to ALA/CC:DA (Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access). Reports from the meetings held at ALA Midwinter and Annual were posted to the CMC blog and published in the Music Cataloging Bulletin. Huismann worked with the ALA representative to the RDA Steering Committee to formulate the ALA position on fast-track RDA revision proposals.

List of Previous Goals and Progress Made Toward Each Goal

  1. Review RDA revision proposals (proposals submitted to the RSC) from other constituencies and provide comments to inform the official ALA responses
    Status: Completed for this year. Toolkit content is frozen until the April 2018 update as a result of the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R)
  2. Provide input on RDA revision proposals generated by ALA and RMWG as they develop
    Status: Completed for this year. Toolkit content is frozen until the April 2018 update as a result of the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R) Project.
  3. Propose revisions to LC-PCC PSs as needed
    Status: Completed for this year. Toolkit content is frozen until the April 2018 update as a result of the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R) Project.
  4. Continue to enhance the RDA Best Practices and supplement document
    Status: Ongoing
  5. Evaluate and monitor CSS workflow and work groups for efficiency and maximum engagement
    Status: Ongoing
  6. Engage in webinars and other training opportunities as needed
    Status: Deferred until IFLA-LRM is approved and the 3R project has a firmer timeline

Goals for 2017-2018
The Content Standards Subcommittee’s goals for 2017-2018 are as follows:

  1. Perform a comprehensive review of the RDA Best Practices while the RDA Toolkit content is frozen.
  2. Prepare to revise the RDA Best Practices as required for the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R) Project.
  3. Work collaboratively with LC, RMWG, OLAC, and others to provide input and/or revisions to RDA proposals, LC-PCC Policy Statements, and other
  4. Engage in webinars and other training opportunities as needed, especially for the IFLA-LRM implementation/3R Project.

All of these goals promote core values of access, collaboration, and expertise of members.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Huismann
11 September 2017