RDA Music Implementation Task Force: MLA Report 2015

RDA Music Implementation Task Force Final Business Meeting Report MLA Annual Meeting 2015, Denver, Colorado Submitted by Casey Mullin, Chair Present: Casey Mullin, Chair,Mary Huismann, Damian Iseminger, Daniel Paradis, Ray Schmidt, Hermine Vermeij Approximately 15-20 guests Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21, Version 1.1 The Best Practices, v.1.1, were published in PDF on BCC website on 2/17/15 and released in marked-up form on RDA Toolkit on the same day. The chair reported on his experience working with ALA Publishing to learn and implement ALA’s content management system for preparing MLA’s content for the Toolkit. Thanks to very thorough proofreading by Task Force members and several helpful WebEx training/troubleshooting sessions with Jamie Hennelly of ALA Publishing, the TF was able to keep on schedule and have the Best Practices content ready for the February release deadline. Certain sections of the Best Practices were not marked up for Toolkit

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