RDA Changes in Theory and Practice (March 2, 2023)

RDA Changes in Theory and Practice Music Library Association Annual Meeting Thursday March 2, 2023 Summary by Janice Bunker, Brigham Young University Program slides are available via Humanities Commons, “RDA Changes in Theory and Practice” The session began with presentations by Kathy Glennan and Damian Iseminger on Representative Expressions, Aggregates and Nomens, oh my! Some wording in this section is taken directly from Kathy’s and Damian’s slides. The concept of Representative Expressions (RE hereafter) was created to resolve conflicts in earlier models of the IFLA Functional Requirements, although music catalogers have long applied it in cases such as scores which are in a different key than the original and operas sung in a different language than the original. In a nutshell, an RE is an expression that best represents the Work. The RE attribute is not tied to one particular expression, and the attributes considered to be closest to the

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