TYPE (English, German, Russian)
use as a type for vocal works; use in the language of the original and in the singular if a single psalm is qualified in a title by the number of the psalm. Give the numeral in the numerical system used by the composer (e.g., [Psalm 116], [Psaume XLVII], [Salmo XIX]). If a composer used the single title "psalms" (or its cognates) for several psalms without indication of psalm numbers or grouped several psalms in one publication (whether psalm numbers are indicated or not), use the English plural form and (if necessary to distinguish from other psalms), the qualifying statement that best facilitates a logical arrangement of entries (e.g., Head, Michael. [Psalms], Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. [Psalms, op. 78], Holst, Gustav. [Psalms, mixed voices, string orchestra]). Use for psalmo, psalmus, psaume, salmo, žalm; DISTINCTIVE for instrumental works; see in Best practices for music cataloging using RDA and MARC 21.