Are there prerequisites for joining BIBCO?

Yes, independence in NACO name and name-title records, preferably through the NACO-Music Project is a prerequisite.  It may be possible for NACO and BIBCO review to occur simultaneously.

If a current BIBCO library or individual catalogers at a BIBCO library join the Music funnel, will they then report statistics for music records through the funnel?

As of 2018, the PCC collects statistics through its Directory. Each participating BIBCO cataloger reports their statistics to the PCC either through their institutional BIBCO liaison (if their institution is a full-level BIBCO member), or through their own PCC Directory login (if their institution is a funnel-level BIBCO member). Additionally, the BIBCO Music Funnel Coordinator collects format-specific statistics through a semi-annual survey; all music BIBCO record contributors are encouraged to submit statistic through this mechanism, regardless of their PCC reporting mechanism.

Will current BIBCO members who are already contributing music records need to be reviewed again to become members of the funnel?

No, current independent members remain so and will continue to contribute records in the same manner as before. They will also continue to be able to train new BIBCO catalogers at their own institutions with no intervention from the funnel. If an institution joins the funnel, their participating catalogers will be listed in the BIBCO Music Funnel directory of members, and they may join the BIBCO Music Funnel listserv. They may also volunteer to serve as reviewers for new members from other institutions.  

Does joining the BIBCO Music Funnel mean that the institution will have a funnel-level membership in BIBCO?

Joining a subject-specific funnel means that the members are part of a community of subject specialists who work together to create high quality bibliographic records that meet the standards of the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR). The BIBCO program has two levels of membership, full and funnel, and institutions may have either type of membership and still also be a part of a subject-specific funnel. In other words, belonging to a funnel and having a funnel-level BIBCO membership are not synonymous. Either an individual or an institution may complete an application to be part of the funnel.